Hello there special parent! I hope you had the greatest summer ever!

While vacationing the past two weeks, I received many news about Super Lice and how our beloved state of Illinois is one of 25 states that has it.

Oh. Joy.

Please don’t despair dear parent! I’ve actually been studying up on Super Lice earlier this summer (it was actually discovered in 2014). These little mutant critters were first found when they were proven to be RESISTANT to conventional lice treatments.

I’ve read many articles that say that both Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil are proven remedies to prevent both traditional lice and it’s more evil counter part, SUPER LICE!

Let’s review the damage that lice can cause our little ones:

Lice and it’s eggs (nits) cause excessive itching. For some children, the irritation is mild; for others, a more bothersome rash may develop. Excessive scratching can lead to a bacterial infection (this can cause swollen lymph glands and red, tender skin that might have crusting and oozing). If your doctor thinks this is the case, he or she may treat the infection with an oral antibiotic.

Parents, PLEASE come in and let’s PREVENT lice and SUPER LICE this school year! We have several options for you to choose from and I am very happy to offer a 25% discount for one lice prevention product (SoCozy, Glop & Glam or Head Shots).


Together, we can make it a great and lice free school year!


Here’s to a great start of the 2015-2016 school year!




Momma Pickle