During most of this momma’s childhood, I had long hair. I remember my mother sitting me down and brushing one side 100 times and then the other side 100 times. As I grew older the experience became a good time to chat and reconnect.

Today’s kids (including my own) are over scheduled. I say this because all summer long I’ve been anticipating school to start. The busy schedule, always running late from here to there and…… LICE. I’ve decided this school year, that no matter how busy we are, no matter how late we are running, I am going to make the commitment to brush both my children’s hair thoroughly and on a daily basis. My daughters are old enough now to either read while I do this, or answer my questions about their school day. Sometimes we discuss Pokemon Go!

The brushing also accomplishes the task of making sure that I catch any early stages of lice, eggs or nits. The earlier you catch the critters, the easier it is to get everything under control. Some of my favorite products to make the process more enjoyable for kids and parents include:

Glop and Glam Products- they smell great, make tangles ouch free, and are naturally lice and SUPER LICE resistant.

The Knot Genie- an amazing brush that manages tangles and stubborn hair easily.

Detangling Sprays- Most of the sprays we have at Pickle’s Playroom & Salon in Chicago’s Lincoln Square area are lice resistant. I make sure to spray hair, behind the ears, and on the kids shoulders for extra “itch proofing!”

Here’s to bringing back the lost art of brushing hair! I hope you join me in my cause!