Come join us for 2016 Summer Camp! Created especially for the very little ones in our lives! Camp will meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am – 1pm (with exception to the week of July 4th where we will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) and includes a lunch! Pick and choose which week you’d like your children to participate, receive 1 FREE haircut when you register for 2 or more weeks!

Our camp is PERFECT for children ages 2 – 4 years old! It’s also great preparation if they will be starting daycare or preschool in the fall!

All children MUST be potty-trained. If they are not, parents must stay onsite to do diaper changes. Parents who stay onsite are welcome to relax or work in our café (with free wi-fi!), or schedule a haircut, blowout or manicure for yourself during camp!

All camp sessions include lunch and play time in our 3,500 square foot play space, as well as a Pickle’s Playroom Summer Camp t-shirt.

Pickle’s Playroom Summer Camp rates* are as follows, and are subject to change without notice:

  • $100 per week when you register before February 29th
  • $125 per week when you register between March 1st and April 30th
  • $150 per week when you register After May 1st


Register Here!


Do, Re, Mi… Music Week

June 6-10

Did you know we have an amazing group of musicians that work at Pickle’s?! Your children will love the live music and songs that they will learn this week! During music week we will play sing­a­long songs, make instruments, learn about rhythm, and explore a new instrument everyday!


Roar… Dinosaurs!

June 13-17

Is your child especially curious about dinosaurs? Does he or she enjoy learning about these giant and interesting creatures? During Dinosaur week we will learn about the great beings that lived years and years ago! Through crafts and activities we will learn about the different types of dinosaurs, their ecosystems,

and dining habits.


Moo Moo, Oink Oink at the Farm!

June 20-24

Old MacDonald wishes he has a fun camp like ours! During Farm week we will learn about the different animals and plants live and grow on a farm! Through songs, crafts and other activities we will provide a greater understanding of the source of

our food and life on the farm!


Space, Infinite Space!

June 27-July 1

Is your little one a star gazer? During Space week we will learn about the components of the universe. Through songs, crafts, and activities we will introduce planets, galaxies, and all things extra­terrestrial!


Around The World

July 5-July 8

During Around the World week we will learn about different cultures and customs from countries all around the world! Introduce your child to different languages, habits, and interests of their counterparts that live in other countries!


Dance like no one’s watching!

July 11-15

Can your little one boogie and jump and jive?! During Dance week we will learn the basic fundamentals of dance. We will touch on technique,different dance styles, and learn choreography!


Superbly Superheroes!

July 18-22

Do the likes of Spiderman, Batman, and Wonder Woman appeal to your child? During Superhero week we will unleash our super powers and create our very own hero! We will use our imaginations to decide our powers, design a cape, design a mask and stop evil doers on the playfloor!


Under The Sea

July 25-29

During Under the Sea week we will learn about the different creatures living and growing in the briny blue! We will also introduce the the importance of the world’s oceans to our ecosystem on



Dr. Suess

Aug 1-5

“One fish, two fish, red fish… blue!” During Dr.Suess week we will start each class by reading a beloved Dr.Suess book, and then we will do crafts and activities related to the story!


Clowning around at the Circus!

Aug 8-12

Children love practicing balance and strength! During circus week we will learn to juggle and balance. We will play carnival games and explore a new circus prop each day.


Science and Experimentation

Aug 15-19

Science is extremely fun when presented in our amazing method! During Science week we will conduct experiments to introduce deductive reasoning and The Scientific Method to your little Einstein!


Funtastic Art!

Aug 22-26

Is your child a Picasso or Pollack? During Art week we will learn the fundamentals of art! We will touch on different art styles and techniques through hands­ on projects.