There are many reasons why we developed a lice and nit removal process to be completed at home. Here is a short list outlining why and how we created our treatment strategy:


  1. It’s a stressful time for families! We want you and your child to be comfortable and to feel SAFE. What better place than home to be more secure when going through the removal process.
  2. The removal device that we have created is small- children will not feel intimidated. This coupled with being surrounded by a familiar environment will put the child more at ease.
  3. Disinfection! Toys, sheets…. any plush or soft surface that your child has come into contact with must be disinfected. We provide you with the steps you need to take in order to make sure the infestation is COMPLETELY under control.
  4. Discretion. Even though lice and nits are a completely normal part of growing up, we feel that privacy is key. We travel to homes to make sure that the situation is completely under control and to ensure the utmost in discretion.

You have many choices in choosing the type of removal process in Chicago for your children. We know that our natural, 30 day guarantee process is the best option for your family! For more information on our removal process please call 773.293.7747 or visit